Sunday, October 31, 2004

The last three Presidents of the United States

Each of the last three presidents of the United States of America attacked at least one foreign country which did not attack the USA. Before the fall of communism, the USA had the moral high ground as a bastion of freedom against atheistic communism, and as the industrial powerhouse that saved the world from Nazi madness.

Today, the elites and peoples of the world have realized that immediately after the Fall of Communism the USA has set out to capitalize on its newly-acquired hyperpower status, without regard for its alleged principles.That is the reason for anti-Americanism, and certainly not a dislike of consumerism and American-style "freedom".

The US election

I predict a victory for George W. Bush and the continued demise of the United States of America during the next four years.

Press warns 'historic' treaty faces pitfalls

The European Union makes sense economically and politically. Unfortunately, it's a post-modernist, materialist, and secular organization, but so is everything else these days.

Papers throughout the continent hail the signing of a new EU treaty as a historic event, though most warn that the hard part - the ratification of the treaty by member states - is yet to come.